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Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 23/08/2020

Welcome to Healphant.
Healphant, owned by Friendly and Useful, LDA, registered under NIPC 516190385, aims to make trustworthy health services accessible to anyone, anytime, and anywhere. To achieve this goal, we connect patients and Healthcare professionals and give them a platform to communicate, organise their time-schedules and set-up digital consultancies outside of emergencies. Healthcare professionals can therefore efficiently reach-out to a wider range of patients. Patients can easily access to health services at all times. With this Privacy Policy, Healphant (hereafter referred to by “we”, “our” or “us”) hopes to give visitors of our website or users of our services (hereafter referred to by “you” or “your”) a full understanding of how we protect the user’s personal data. It applies to Healphant, all our staff members, contractors, interns, board members, fellows, and others who are bound by a confidentiality agreement with Healphant. We do not sell or rent personal data to third parties without your consent.

What we collect
Personal data is any information that makes an individual identifiable or identified. We strive to collect as little information as possible, in order to fulfill our service. When you visit our website, we use cookies necessary for its functioning, as explained in our Cookie Policy.

When you create an account, post and discuss an issue, and/or make a payment or send an invoice, we collect personal information, as explained further below. If you are a patient, and create an account or submit an issue, we collect personal data such as your email address and your name and date of birth, as well as data pertaining to your health. This is based first on patient consent, second on contractual obligations, as we cannot provide our service without this information, and last on obligations by law, namely obligations in order to issue an invoice. Indeed, we need your contact details to keep you informed of your consultancy and to ensure the consultation takes place safely. Other personal data such as your date of birth we need to fulfil our legal obligations with regards to the payment of the consultation. We try our best to guide you through explaining the issue with the minimum personal data as is necessary and in as an anonymous manner as possible. We do not use your full name when communicating the issue to Healthcare professionals, but rather a pseudonym. We have put into place several security measures and strive to secure your personal data. For instance, when you exchange with a Healthcare professional, either through our messaging platform or through video-consultation, all the information exchanged is encrypted. If you are a Healthcare professional, we process personal information such as your name, medical college number and ID card number to create an account thereby allowing you to find patients or for your patients to reach you. It is also necessary in order for us to verify the identity and habilitation to carry out medical consultancies of the medical professionals on our platform. The legal basis for the processing is therefore first contractual and second to fulfill legal obligations. If you are a patient or a Healthcare professional, we may use the email address you share when registering for marketing or communications purposes, in accordance with legal consent requirements. An unsubscribe button will always be present in any direct marketing email. You may also unsubscribe to marketing emails by contacting us, at the following address: hey@healphant.com

Last, Healphant uses the payment service Stripe to safely conduct online payment transactions. For this reason, payment data is temporarily stored on their secured servers. This Policy does not apply to third-party websites, products, or services, so please get more information on this subject from Stripe’s Privacy Policy

Healphant’s website and services are not intended for, or designed to attract, individuals under the age of 18. We do not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from any person under the age of 18 without parental supervision.

How we store and use personal data:
We take industry standard security measures to protect personal information under our control from loss, misuse, and breach, but like with every website, there are risks associated with uploading your information online. When you are asked for your personal information, you are only sharing that information with Healphant, unless clearly stated otherwise. We use this information to strive to bring an efficient and positive service to patients and Healthcare professionals alike, by connecting them swiftly and safely. You retain the right to view and request copies, deletion and modification of the personal data we collect from you. Your profile or issues can always be modified or deleted. To exercise your rights, contact legal@healphant.com

All stored information is securely protected. We do not have full credit card numbers available to us, displayable or downloadable. Credit card information is stored by our payment transaction provider, Stripe.

Social Media
We use social media and social networking services for visibility, to promote our services. These platforms and applications are often provided by third party service providers. Please see their privacy policies for more information.



Our site only uses cookies which are strictly necessary for it to work, or work more efficiently, such as remembering a user’s login details or language preferences. They are limited in time as well as in their purpose. The text below explains each cookie we use and why:
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You may disable necessary cookies by changing the settings of your browser, but this will affect how our website works. If you have any question concerning our use of cookies, please read our Privacy Notice.

Alternatively, you can also contact us at the following email address: hey@healphant.com