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Your privacy, rewarded

Keep your personal contact, private by talking with your patients via chat. In the end, decide if you want to get fairly rewarded for helping them.


We care in making it fair

By removing third parties out of the process healphant is able to provide an affordable experience to patients and generate a fair reward to doctors for the value that they’ve been adding for free.

Feel free to run the numbers.

You can simulate the number of issues you would solve based on your own experience, the average fee you would charge for each one, and see for yourself the difference it would make having an healphant in your life.
For more information check “We have the answers” section.


(Max. €30)


Give a medical
opinion on the fly.

Follow up on your patients or solve their simple problems for a fair price.

Health on a chat means freedom

01 – Get pinged by a patient.
02 – Check and accept the case.
03 – Solve their problem & get rewarded.

We have the answers  

How does the app work?

1. A patient opens the app, chooses a doctor from our list and sends them a message explaining their symptoms 🤒.
2. The doctor receives a notification and accepts or declines the request 🔔.
3. When the doctor accepts the case, the patient then provides their payment details in order to unlock the chat 💳.
4. Then the appointment starts🕐.
5. When the doctor decides the appointment is over, they close the case and charge the patient the price they think it's fair not exceeding the maximum value previously established  ✔.

Does healphant securely store my data and personal info?

Yes. We value the protection of users' data. We can assure you that we use all the modern security standards in order to protect all your data and records. We also want to emphasize that your personal information, such as bank account information, address, mobile phone number and other personal data are only visible to you.

Payments to doctors and healphant fees.

Your income will be recorded in the application 'My Wallet'. When you wish to withdraw this amount you must upload the invoice with the amount accumulated at the moment.
The healphant charges a fee of 2.50 € for cases that cost 16€ or less and 16% in cases above 16€. This commission (with VAT included at the current rate) is supported by the doctor. If you wish to offer the consultation no fee will be charged.

I gave my personal contact to patients. Can I use the app?

For sure. For patients who already have your contact details you can ask them to use healphant for privacy reasons, free of charge. For others, you can offer them a new way and the possibility of contacting you whenever you want, charging the amount you consider is fair.

How do I share my healphant contact with my patients?

Share your profile link with your patient through the app. This way the patient will receive an email from healphant with your direct link. You can do it by following these steps: login> click on “share link”> enter the patient's email and press send.

What kind of issues can I answer in the app?

- Clarify quick doubts to patients.
- Diagnose and treat common medical problems.
- Send medical reports or documents.
- Send attachments with medical exam prescriptions.
- Refer the patient to an appointment.
- Follow up after treatment or surgery.
- Follow up wounds.
- Follow up and monitor patients with chronic problems.

Do I need to accept every case request?

No. You can choose the patients and cases you want to accept. Here you set your agenda, and it's up to you whether you want to accept a case or not. You can define how to use your time, but remember that the patients who contact you need you and are willing to compensate you for it.

What is the benefit for my patients?

Many patients are not comfortable sending a message to their doctors because they do not want to disturb you. The problem is that by being silent, they can ignore symptoms they shouldn't. Eventually they will have to schedule a clinical evaluation, waste time in transportation and waiting rooms when their case could be solved with a small conversation. When using healphant, your patients pay an affordable price for a real solution for their case. If you don't usually share your contact with your patients, you can do it now without having to compromise your privacy.

Is there an app for me to download?

You don't need to. You can run and manage everything through our PWA (Progressive web app). If you want to save our icon as an app on your smartphone home screen you can do it quickly and in simple steps. Here's a guide on how to do it: www.healphant.com/tutorials

How much can I earn?

While it depends on the specialty, doctors might have an average of 10 informal interactions per week. If we assume that you will charge around 15€ per interaction you can earn around 6500€ per year. Feel free to try our simulator and adapt the numbers to your reality. (These values ​​already include the healphant’s commission)

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