text medicine? what's that?! 🤔

TL:DR: with healphant.com you can be further in control of your health by texting your Doctor for a quick question, sending through your exams upfront so the Doctor can check them in advance, get a second opinion, etc.

turning the Privilege of some into a Service for all

Having easy and direct access to a Doctor can be extremely beneficial to a Patient. However, this is generally only possible because for those that have the Privilege of a family member or a close friend being a Doctor. They can just send a text, straight to their phone with that one quick question. Others are left with no choice other than to reach out to #DrGoogle.


healphant is here to make this a Service accessible to all!

healphant is NOT a telemedicine platform! 🏥

healphant is NOT here to replace consultations, nor to do virtual consultations (telemedicine). In fact, healphant is here to support consultations, by offering a communication platform between two parties: certified Medical Doctors from all specialties and their Patients. All via text messages.

why text messages? 🤳

Because we live in a time where immediate access to information is the standard! No one wants (nor should have) to wait, especially when it’s about our health!

Furthermore, this can all be done from anywhere, at any time. At a time convenient both to the Doctor and the Patient. Building on their medical relationship and relieving the emphasis on each consultation.

📧Next steps!

healphant already counts more than 180 registered Doctors and thousands of cases solved in Portugal.

If you like this model, and would like to use (as a Doctor) or adopt the healphant platform at your clinic or hospital, feel free to reach out to us at hey@healphant.com