truly putting the Patient at the center! 🎯

Patients can now experience continuous healthcare, where the access to their doctors is way simpler!

In the image above, we see the comparison between the traditional interaction and the the new approach to healthcare:

⛔ Current Healthcare Paradigm🤦‍♂️

Imagine yourself having a health issue. Your first reaction is to start assessing your symptoms, writing them them down or eventually trying to clarify your doubts using a search engine. If the symptoms do not go away, then you decide to book an appointment with a Doctor.


Once you arrive to the Clinic, the first question the Doctor asks is not an unfamiliar one “so, what brings you here?”, and suddenly you pull up your long list of symptoms and you naturally spend 5-10 minutes trying to explain your situation, leaving the Doctor with only a few minutes to ask extra questions and to diagnose and decide on what best to prescribe.


After the appointment, on the way home, it is likely you’ll remember a question you didn’t ask the Doctor, but then, you have no direct access to your Doctor. Or for example, the medicine is not working as expected and you’d like to quickly clarify it with the Doctor. You would need to book another appointment… but that’s not ideal!

🟢 healphant Model 🐘

The healphant model introduces a completely new way of making continuous communication healthcare possible!

  • Pre-appointment Interaction: instead of writing down the symptoms for your own records, you can already open a chat with a certified Doctor, with the right specialty of your issue and clarify your doubts! Sometimes you just have a quick question, or you’ve got the results of your medical exams and a simple interaction with the Doctor could even replace the need of a consultation!
  • Consultation: when you arrive at the consultation, the Doctor already knows your case and it’s way easier and it optimizes the time spent in the consultation. We repeat: we don’t replace consultations, we’re just a communication platform to facilitate the discussion pre and post appointment!
  • Post-appointment Interaction: and here we are, after the consultation, if there’s a follow needed, if the medicine is not working as expected, if you have any follow-up questions or if you just want to say ‘thank you’ to your Doctor, it’s very practical to simply opening a chat with a Doctor!

As a recap, here are complementary benefits of the healphant model:

  1. Enhanced Communication: By establishing open lines of communication before and after the appointment, patients can better prepare for their visits and follow up on any unresolved issues or questions, leading to more personalized and effective healthcare.

  2. Continuous Care: it promotes an ongoing relationship between patient and provider rather than limiting care to the brief time spent during appointments. This can lead to better management of chronic conditions and a more responsive healthcare experience.

  3. Improved Outcomes: With more consistent and detailed communication, patients are likely to adhere better to prescribed therapies when they understand their care plan and have their concerns addressed promptly.

📧Next steps!

healphant already counts more than 180 registered Doctors and thousands of cases solved in Portugal.

If you like this model, and would like to use (as a Doctor) or adopt the healphant platform at your clinic or hospital, feel free to reach out to us at